Yoga at Home


Hello my name is Harjit Khondhu; I’m the founder of Yogic Breathwork. I love to help people find they inner wisdom, power and confidence. I spent majority of my career in the Travel and IT industry working as a Credit manager.

My passion has always been alternative therapies from a young age. Spending my spare time training in the following modalities since 2005, Indian head massage or Champissage by Narendra Mehta, reflexology, Auricular and Vertical reflex therapy, Solestry (foot reading), alongside my IT career.

My own journey on the yogic path started in 2007, when been under a lot of stress from my marriage due to domestic violence, alcoholic abusive relationship, looking after my young four children and also working part-time in my office job. Yet something was missing from my life there was a deep inner need, so I started to look for a Tai Chi class but instead found Kundalini yoga class at local missionary centre.


Making a connection with one of the teachers once I started to attend regularly, Sat Siri Singh a German Kundalini yoga teacher took me under his wings. I decided also to have some private lesson with him to help me as

I felt that I was not as flexible and didn’t feel comfortable in the classes.

In 2009 I had the biggest shock of my life. My father had a massive heart attack and passed away.

This had a huge impact on me as he was my rock. To help myself through the grieving processes, I

started the teacher training programme with Amrit Nam Sarovar international Kundalini yoga school in French Alps. I loved the fact the Kundalini yoga was not just about the postures but a whole science on the body with all the different elements of the practice. I found the practical to be very powerful. It works very quickly to give grace, balance most of all the ability to remain calm, centred and clear through our everyday life’s challenges. It’s helped my growth, helping gain new perspectives and capacity into my authentic self.

I’m very grateful to my teacher Sat Siri Singh has trained with Karta Singh and Amrit Nam Sarovar international school.

Since doing the teacher training, I have been teaching several classes in West London for the last ten years and at home in Burnham.

Rising funds for Tibet relief fund whilst teaching for the West London Yog. One of the first teacher’s to teach Kundalini Yoga for the SWAT term (Southall Welfare Association Team) in West London and also teaching at their summer camp

to children from the age of 7 to 17 years old.

  Alongside the Kundalini yoga, I have studied Satnam Rasayan healing, traditional ancient art of healing from a meditative mind. I’m a practitioner of SNR and carry on studying this with Guru Dev Singh and Jiwan Mukta Singh. Though my own healing process I also trained as an Inca shaman, and recently trained as a Kundalini yoga coach. Always sharing and teaching from what I have learned in my yoga classes and workshop’s.  Love to take my students on yoga retreats to Europe and

this year we have started one day retreats in Buckinghamshire.

After nearly three years of being unhappy behind an office desk job, I decided to leave the corporate world last June. To be able to work on my passion of being a yoga teacher, sound healer and holistic therapist.

My aspiration as a teacher is to hold a nurturing and sensitive space where students can work through their blocks and open up to an experience of their true potential, coming home to the beauty of the self, inner strength and wisdom that lives within. “Kundalini Yoga has transformed my life beyond measure and brought me a sense of peace, joy and vitality that I didn’t know was possible. I’m excited to share this incredible practice with you and support you in being more you.”

Other than teaching yoga and coaching; I’m very passionate about alternative therapies which I have been sharing with my clients and friends since 2006. I’d like to think that I’m a devoted mother to my grown up children and just love to spend time cooking for my family and spend time in our family garden pottering in vegetable garden or just begin with the plants and flowers. My young adult son’s decided to surprise me with a gift by adopting a kitten. Who doesn’t love kittens? Zeus is just adorable and I love having him around the house. I also attend other yoga workshops and training’s as part of my own learning and also as

art of feeding my soul and spirit that needs nourishment.


Highly credible teacher with years of experience. It is obvious she has trained in the field as well as integrated,  applied and mastered in her own life.

Her events are powerful experiences to anchor you back into feeling strong resilient, stable to deal with life challenges. 

One of the most authentic experienced and natural teacher of Kundalini, that I have come across with a delivery that is joyful, inspiring,  yet impactful. This leave you feeling empowered,  safe and able to let go to make the shifts, challenges, and changes you are ready to face.

Davinder Ojalla