Kundalini Yoga Kriya and Meditation Library 

The following collection of Kriya’s & Meditations are shared from the KRI Website

All Kriya’s & Meditations are PDF files. When clicked they should open in with Adobe Reader in a new page or to download right click and click ‘save file/target as’.

Kundalini Yoga Kriya's

Advanced Abdominal & Navel Strengthening Kriya

Become Strong as Steel

Balance the Mind 1

Balance the Mind 2

Balance the Mind 5

The Brain Doctor Kriya

Har Aerobic Kriya

Kantha Padma Kriya

Kriya to Master Your Domain

Kriya for Awakening to Your Ten Bodies  

Kriya to Withstand the Pressure of Time

Kriya for Elevation

Kriya to Open the Heart Center

Kriya for Morning Sadhana

Kriya to Become Intuitive

Nabhi Kriya

Kriya for Lower Spine and Elimination

A Very Subtle Exercise - Getting to the Root of Subconscious Depression

Kundalini Yoga Meditations

Aad Naad Kriya

Aap Sahaaee Hoa Meditation

Antar Naad Meditation

Basic Breath Series Meditation

Compassion Kriya

Conquering One's Imagined Disabilities

Complete Adi Mantra for Individual Meditation

Fire Kriya: 2010 Meditation

Ghost Kriya

Heart Shield Meditation

High Tech Yoga

Kirtan Kriya - Sa Ta Na Ma

Kriya for Healing the Self

Long Ek Ong Kars

Maha Shakti Chalnee Indra Mudra

Maha Gyan Agni Pranayam

Meditation for a Calm Heart

Meditation for the Heart Center

Meditation to Open the Heart

Meditation for Projection & Protection from the Heart

Meditation for Prosperity 1

Meditation for Prosperity II

Meditation for Stress or Sudden Shock

Pran Bandha Mantra Meditation

Self Care Breath

Yoni Kriya (To Experience Infinity)

Amarti Mudra Kriya

Balancing the Nervous Energies

Taking Our Soul to Infinity

Releasing Childhood Anger

Cleanse and Detox 

Apana Kriya (Elimination Exercises) 

Detoxification Kriya

Eliminate Gastric Troubles

Firing Up the Metabolism Kriya

Let the Liver Live

Nadi Cleansing

Sitali Pranayam

Immune System Support

Some of these links will take you to the 3HO website:

The Golden Bridge, Burn Inner Anger and Build the Immune System

Re-Charge Yourself

Immune System Booster: The Inner Sun

Immune System Booster: The Inner Sun

Pranayam to Boost Your Immune System

Breath of Ten Meditation to Become Dis-Ease Free

Kriya for Disease Resistance 

Sixteen-Stroke Breath to Rebuild Health

Purifying the Lungs

Cleanse the Bloodstream

The Navel Center and Elimination

Nabhi Kriya for Digestion

Kriya for Lower Spine and Elimination

Aerobic Capacity and Efficiency Meditation

Disease Resistance and Heart Helper 

The Key to Unlock the Unlimited Infinite Power in You

Strengthen the Immune System I

Strengthen the Immune System II

Massage for the Lymphatic System