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Breath Frequency

When you consciously control your breathing rate, you can control your state of mind. 

Breathing at a Rate of 8 Breaths per Minute:

  • Feel more relaxed

  • Relief from stress and increased mental awareness

  • Parasympathetic nervous system begins to be influenced

  • Elevates healing processes

4 Breaths per Minute:•    

  • Positive shifts in mental function

  • Intense feelings of awareness, increased visual clarity, and heightened body sensitivity

  • Pituitary and pineal glands begin to coordinate at an enhanced level, producing a meditative state

Harjit Yoga - Breath Frequency Teacher

1 Breath per Minute:

  • Optimized cooperation between brain hemispheres

  • Dramatic calming of anxiety, fear, and worry

  • Openness to feeling one’s presence and the presence of Spirit

  • Develops intuition

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