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Spiritual Practice Sadhana

Create a morning ritual for yourself and uplift your Soul!
Spiritual Practice Sadhana

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27 Sep, 06:00 – 05 Nov, 07:35
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About the Event

We start our 40 day journey inward with our morning practice of Sadhana. Each day to explore the benefits that sadhana can have in the following areas:

Improve your mental, emotional and physical health.

Rebalance your intenal system, allevating stress and anxiety. Particularly if you are feeling not yourself.

Improve your posture and core stability, to aid elimination of toxins, as well as improve concentration.

Join our circle with like minded people who hold similar values of love and respect, under the guidance of a knowledglable, spiritual teacher who can support you on your personal inward journey.

This 40 day sadhana is for you if you are ready to have a daily routine to maintain your well being and incorparate movement, to increase your flexiblity, strenghten and tone your whole body.

What to expect:

We start with Tuning in to our higher self with 3 invokation of Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo (I Bow to my own divine within me).

  • 15 minutes of Breathwork and Warm ups
  • 22 minutes of Kundalini yoga kriya.
  • This kriya vibrates ecstasy, Wahe Guru! You will know bliss by experiencing it. A total workout for the master glands: thyroid, pituitary, and pineal glands. Your brain will awaken and your whole body will sweat.
  • We will chant WAHE GURU throughout almost all exercises. You will have to experience this kriya to understand its benefits. We will do a total workout for the thyroid, pituitary, and pineal glands. And we will sweat a lot as we release a lot of energy. It is good to meditate after this kriya as the body will feel lighter, the mind calmer, and your awareness sharper.

Meditation after this kriya brings self realization that we are divine channels for consciousness and pure truth. If you have issues with your throat chakra, expression and communication, practice for 40 days. Many subtle changes will occur as your 10 bodies, brain, glands and higher chakras are re-balanced, manifesting a state of grace.

Know you have 10 bodies: physical body, three mental bodies, six energy bodies. Your eleventh embodiment is when all ten bodies are under your direction, creating a pure state of bliss.


Brain Activation

Stimulates Master Glands Pineal + Pituitary + Thyroid

Awakens Crown + Third Eye + Throat Chakra

Manifest Grace

Express Pure Truth

Vibrate Ecstasy

  • 10 minutes of relaxation to allow the body to adjust to the new frequency.
  • 11 minutes Mediation."Meditation on the white swan"

This is a perfect for thoses who are totally new to Kundalini yoga, or those slightly advanced students and teachers.

What to bring with you to sadhana:

A willingness to be open to your own body, mind and spirit

Yoga mat


Bottle of water or warm herbal tea

What to wear?

Wear comfortable loose clothing for your practice.

Cost £150.00 for 40 day, payment can be made via PayPal-

You can also break the cost into two payments.

1st payment Due; Day 1 £75.00

2nd Payment Due; Day 20 £75.00

If you have any questions, please get in contact by email;

  • Early Bird tickets

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