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Worm Moon, Super Full Moon Gong

Native Americans called this last full moon of winter the worm moon after the worm trails that would appear in the newly thawed ground. Other names include chaste moon, death moon, crust moon and sap moon, after the tapping of the maple trees.
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Worm Moon, Super Full Moon Gong

Time & Location

09 Mar 2020, 19:30 – 21:00
The Positivist Centre, Burnham, Slough SL1 8NJ, UK

About the Event

 What is a supermoon?

The distance between the Moon and the Earth varies, because the Earth is not right at the centre of the Moon’s orbit and the Moon’s orbit is not a circle (it’s an ellipse).

The moment when the Moon is closest to the Earth is called a lunar perigeeWhen the Moon is furthest away it is known as a lunar apogee.

If the lunar perigee occurs very close to a full moon, then we see a supermoon. If a lunar apogee occurs very close to a full moon then we see a micromoon.

The term supermoon originates from a concept in astrology, but has been adapted and given a strict definition within astronomy. If the Moon is within 10% of its closest distance at the moment of full moon, it is considered to be a supermoon.

During a supermoon, the Moon appears up to 14% bigger and 30% brighter than the furthest a full moon can be.

The Supermoon on 21 March 2019 was known as a worm moon.

Join me for a powerfully spiritual cleansing evening. 

Identify what no longer serves you. Be willing to surrender it. 

Connect with what you may have suppressed. Shed and release to create space for your journey forward. 

Honour & cleanse any fear and doubt. Let go of old habits blocking your expansion. 

Allow the penetrating gong vibration to leave you feeling free, empowered & clears you move forward on your path.  

  "it is the first sound in the universe, the sound that created this universe. It's the basic creative sound. To the mind, the sound of the gong is like a mother and father that gave it birth. The mind has no power to resist a gong that is well played " Yogi Bhajan.

You will be guided with a breathwork, gentle Kundalini yoga and Gong through a spiritual cleansing experience. 

The Gongs for this evening event: The Sun Gong is the heart of our Universe. It brings great energy and healing with its radiance and power. It purifies with its light and cuts through all negativity. From its tones all things are possible. 

Venus Gong Venus helps to achieve balance, connection and a spiritual union with one self. Its tones carry the gentle grace of Art and natural beauty. It creates comfort and helps promote relationships. It’s abundance of love means it has an unconditional quality. It is the force that joins hearts and souls.  



Although Sound Healing is very therapeutic and relaxing, there are some conditions when either cautions should be exercised or possibly a total contraindication. If you have any queries about any of the following please message us before booking a ticket. 

Tinnitus – the sounds may aggravate existing tinnitus, although many tinnitus sufferers attend a gong bath without any adverse effects (caution only) 

First Trimester of Pregnancy contraindicated and thereafter if at risk, otherwise OK to receive. 

Advanced stages of cancer 

Those who have pacemakers fitted unless with doctor's approval.  


Recent Hip/Joint Operations, Metal Implants (we have found that if the implants have been in situ for a number of years it is rare to experience any problems).  

Severe Osteoporosis 

Severe Mental Health Illnesses 

What to Bring with you. A yoga mat, blanket or something soft underneath you. A pillow to lie you head upon. A shawl or blanket to put on top or wrap around you. Wear comfortable clothing (layers) and socks. A water bottle so you're well hydrated. Bring a journal  

  • Worm Moon Super Full Moon Gong

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