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Are you looking forward to healing yourself emotionally from Trauma or Tragedy? Try this!

The best course of action for healing old emotional wounds is to be an active participant in your healing process. Here is tip 3 for healing emotional wounds to recover from trauma:

Healing Trauma Tip #3: Practice Patience

Another crucial aspect of emotional healing is patience. We all know that if you pick at a wound, it won’t heal. If you don’t rest a strained muscle, you risk further damage. The same is true of emotional scars. Stop interfering. Give yourself real time to heal. You cannot put a deadline on your progress.

The choice to heal emotions can be made at any given moment. However, it may take a significant part of a lifetime to heal deeply rooted suffering. Rushing yourself will only result in more distress. Instead, breathe and continue to encourage yourself. Be proud of every step you are taking towards repairing your mental, emotional, and spiritual wounds.

Self-regulation is, above all, self-control. In other words, it’s the ability that allows you to manage yourself and your reactions to pressure and outside events.

  • The approaches to working on self-regulation require you to develop the following characteristics:

    • Reflection.

    • Emotional management.

    • Self-control.

    • Assertiveness.

    • Social abilities.

    • Tolerance. Self-regulation is, above all, self-control. In other words, it’s the ability that allows you to manage yourself and your reactions to pressure and outside events.

  • Patience is freedom. It’s an emotionally liberating practice that teaches you to wait, observe, and know when to act.

  • Patience is compassion. This aspect of patience implies being respectful to yourself. You shouldn’t be hard on yourself just because you aren’t able to do things the way you expected. You have to help yourself, value yourself, and learn to be your own best ally.

  • Patience leads to movement and action. Patient people aren’t still. They also haven’t given up, nor are they isolated from reality. On the contrary, the power of patience allows you to save your energy for action. It lets you tap into your intuition so you can better understand when the best time to act is.

  • Trust and optimism are the seeds of effective patience. Patience implies a certain amount of trust in inertia. You have to believe that things will happen at the right time on their own. Having a mind that goes faster than life itself is useless if everything important happens in the here and now.

Remember that patience is concentrated strength. It’s also a virtue people who have learned to manage their emotions and thoughts have. These people know that everything has its moment.


Helping my clients develop a healthier view of themselves, strengthen their relationships, and build a new sense of purpose. As a result, people feel more peaceful, whole, and safe.

What I notice in some of the clients is how easily their bodies become flexible and how bright they look in themselves after just a few days. Always amazes me how a small change can boost a person's whole physical and mental health. Their spine feels more flexible and this has a huge boost to their whole body and mental health. You hear them saying that they are feeling much calmer and less anxious.

Are you ready to work toward healing?

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