Leaving Home

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

How yoga can help with the pain as our children leave home.

I write this with an open heart from a place of mothers love.

As our children grow up and start to leave the family nest to lead their own lives, it can feel heart wrenching and daunting. This is my reality at this present moment in time. I am using my practice of yoga and breath-work to enable me to let go. We have to learn to let go.

Whilst doing my morning practice of yoga, I allowed my tears to flow, as I was feeling a part of my heart weeping already. To me, this is a natural way to release the emotions that I hold for my very loved dear ones.

In my culture, normally the children would leave home when getting married and make their own home. But in today’s world we accept that times have changed; and our children are more westernised then ourselves and our parents.

This,for me, is just the beginning of my new journey again with grief. At this stage it's important to be aware that we are in this process and allow all our emotions and physical pain's to be felt. Having a 'toolkit' enables us to move forward. For me yogic-breath-work and exercises are a part of my toolkit which help me manoeuvre myself each day.

Having given birth to a child, and going through the birth pains and every other pain that you had with your child as they grew up, means they are imprinted within you to some extent. So when time comes to letting go, all these memories will come flooding in front of your eyes as if it was just yesterday. I started to take long deep breaths to help me calm myself and allow the emotions to flow. This is just one of the many breath-work from my toolkit,

Watching them take their first steps, being with them when they are ill. Staying up with them when they were unable to sleep, reading nursery rhymes and, as they get older, reading books at bedtime, making sure they did their homework. How fast they grow up!

So, this weekend, I will be helping my 30 years old son move from home into his new flat.

As mothers, we all like to make sure that our children, no matter what age they are that, they are safe and in a healthy state of mind and body.

I never realised what pain my own parents must have felt when I got married and left the family home, until know, as I watch my own children leave home.

As a parent I don’t think you ever stop worrying about your children. Looking back at my parents, I remember my father pacing up and down the front garden waiting for my sister to come home from trips to central London, whilst visiting him one summer with her own two children. I believe it’s an in-built instinct that we all have as parents.

With my son, I take comfort, knowing, that he is now standing on his own two feet. To grow into a man that will take responsible for all the actions that he takes in his life brings me joy.

It’s been great privilege to know that you have managed to create a human begin that will take accountability for his own actions.

As a mother for me personally, it is a proud moment but also sad at the same time.

If you are experiencing sadness or grief at a recent or imminent departure of a child and wish to have support at this moment in your life, I would love to invite you to Book

in a Free consultation with me, to find out more about how yoga and breath-work can be a powerful support at this time.

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