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If you’re looking for the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day then look no further.  A much-needed Sat Nam Rasayan healing session could be just the Gift for that special someone you love. Are you looking for a Gift for a loved one or love yourself?


Sat Nam Rasayan is great for promoting deep relaxation, which reduces stress and anxiety. What is more, it also encourages sleep patterns and generally gives a feeling of inner well-being.


Although Valentine’s Day is a traditional time for giving gifts and demonstrating our love, any time can be a good day to show your love and affection. We don’t have to wait for others to treat us on Valentine's Day too. 


Self-care and looking after ourselves is an ongoing essential requirements for us all.  Sat Nam Rasayan, with its many proven health and wellness benefits, is a perfect way of doing just that, making it the ideal gift to ourselves or our loved ones.


So; if you are looking for a present for your loved one, or just want to take time out for yourself, why not consider a well-deserved Sat Nam Rasayan session? And as an added bonus, until the end of February, enjoy all the many benefits for a special Valentine's offer of two sessions at a one-time special offer price.


If have you been feeling low or depressed, fatigue can seriously disrupt your day and reduce your productivity. Are you experiencing muscle aches and pains, have difficulty concentrating, and find it difficult to do daily activities?


How can Sat Nam Rasyan help?


These sessions of Sat Nam Rasayan can heal deep physical, emotional, mental, and karmic blocks that are stored in your body and create a state of relaxation. This ancient modality can artfully dislodge its point of resistance, and subsequently, allow your body to heal itself! This profound process can help quell anxiety & depression, assist sleep quality, soothe bodily pains and PTSD, and grief, and promote a state of deep relaxation into your true nature. Book 2 x 45 minutes of Sat Nam Rasayan with Me! And start to heal your life. These healing are designed for you personally.


What is Sat Nam Rasayan

Sat Nam Rasayan is an Ancient Art of healing that originates from India and Tibet. It is a very Ancient Healing Tradition with great benefits for everyone and anybody! In Sat Nam Rasayan, sickness is described as “a tendency of the body to react.” The reaction can be a pain, an emotional problem, or a serious illness. Whilst the treatment is relaxing. Like many other energetic healing modalities, Sat Nam Rasayan is something that needs to be experienced on an individual basis, rather than explained. The healing sessions will definitely facilitate transformation and personal growth.


What do others have to say about the sessions?

“I experienced deep restorative healing energy throughout each session that was wonderful. Thank you so much, the healing was a gift that I continue to benefit from in my life weeks later, as I feel the flow of life happening with ease.” Christina 2019


"I had a wonderful Sat Nam Rasayan healing from Harjit. Which I found extremely relaxing, I could feel the sensations of heat in my face and upper body as she did the healing. There was a moment where I felt as if there was a pain in my heart, it was like my heart was sinking but then fall asleep for good 30 minutes, Harjit did explain I may feel a bit more tired and have had some symptoms, over next few days but I felt calmer inside. I found myself listening to my surroundings when walking rather than masking noises with music. I was longing for peace and quiet even more than ever now. I would recommend this healing to anyone who’s looking for peace and quiet and letting go of unnecessary stress and anxiety. " Jana x 2020.


“ The healing session with Harjit felt safe and really relaxing for my mind and body and this is something really valuable because I am over-sensitive to energy. After two days I had a huge release of pain related to my childhood. It was as strong and deep as ever that I had actually experienced. I felt buried emotions and feelings that I was not aware of that I was keeping deep inside. I would suggest Sat Nam Rasayan to everyone bedding deep healing and releasing of pain. Thank you.” Tiziana 2020


Harjit is a wise, compassionate soul-led coach who creates a space for all to feel safe, nourished & supported in their transformation journey. When she’s not relaxing with her family, Harjit is an expert Kundalini yoga teacher, mentor, coach, Sat Nam Rasayan practitioner, Shamanic healer, and Sound therapist. Harjit's classes, training & workshops are unique in that they maintain an honoring of key ancient practices for healing, self-development & transformation as well as practical tools to deal with life's challenges which everyone at any level can benefit from. Harjit is a true master at what she does, extremely passionate and engaging when she is teaching and also using Sat Nam Rasayan which has been her go-to tool for personal healing.

Valentines Special Sat Nam Rasayan healing Offer

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