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3 Steps To Mending Your Heart After A Broken Child Relationship

So that you can be energetic and functional within yourself again shed sadness and anxiety!

A FREE Masterclass on
Wednesday 25 May at 7.00 PM  GMT

Are you feeling tired because you struggling with the overflow of emotions since the breakdown of your relationship with your daughter or son, and all you would love to feel is more alive and energized in yourself?

Is the anxiety playing up due to this broken relationship with your daughter or son that you’re unable to get out of bed or the house?

Then this free masterclass is for you to help


Rediscover the power of your breath to heal your anxiety especially around remembering the conflicts around your daughter or son or family members.

The 3 Steps to Mending your heart after a broken relationship with your child.

This Free masterclass is a powerful online workshop that will help you to utilize and maximize your breathing to bring back natural health…..

Increase oxygen flow which will help you to “let go” of anger and sadness so that you can feel happier in yourself again

Alleviate the feeling of being stuck by gaining strength and clarity through a powerful questioning process so that you can move forward in your life to a brighter you

Alleviate stress and anxiety while helping with concentration and sleep so that you can function better in your daily tasks

Joining The 3 Steps for Mending your broken relationship with child could be your answer.

Wednesday 25th May 2022

So that you can be energetic and funcation in your life again and find peace within yourself. 
You feel fully awake in yourself, ready to face your daily challenges.
If you’ve ever had enough of feeling that:

  • You can’t take a really deep breath because you’re up late at night thinking about your son/daughter and where they are in the world 

  • Every time you start thinking about your son/daughter, you can’t get enough air – there’s a tightness in your chest 

  • You want to learn to be in the now because you’re tired of punishing yourself for the mistakes of the past and you know there’s more to life than this 

  • There are moments you have to hold back tears, and they seem to come at the most inconvenient times, sometimes out of the blue.

  • You feel constantly overwhelmed from daily life and you know that you can’t keep feeling like this.

  • You feel stuck in your life, like you don’t want to move on, even though it’s for the best.

  • No matter how many days off you have, you can’t slow down; it’s so hard to sit still even though you are tired - you’ve numbed out your feelings to avoid thinking about your son/daughter .

  • You want to learn to be “in the body” and get back to your mindset and physical well-being practices 

  • You’re teaching your classes and feel like it’s another person doing the motions, not you connecting to your deepest self 

The 3 Steps to Mending your Heart from a Broken relationship with your child masterclass is a powerful online workshop that will help you to utilize and maximize your breathing to bring back natural health…..

Learn to live with your child being alive but not willing to communicate with you

Get to a place of being able to practice your work again with inner confidence.

Let go of the crippling anxiety holding you captive in bed every morning  


You want to overcome that feeling that something is not right because you have not allowed yourself to fully feel your numbness. 

This masterclass brings you into the present moment and you get to feel your body, so you’re within you.


We use a mantra to elevate the mind (the mind is what keeps us in fatigue), becoming more aware of our breath & whether we’re breathing properly, using the mantra to guide them anywhere for 11 minutes (32 minutes extra) so that you can fully be present in your body and also see clarity in your next step.

Know what my past clients have to say

during the free masterclass:

A short talk on yogic science of anatomy, psychology, and spirituality, followed by the active meditation breathing practice, and time to ask questions afterward.


Walk you through some breathwork to alleviate the pain in your heart

A mindful journal afterward of how they felt.  

Mine 2 finger hack + listen to your heartbeat


This helps with energizing your body and awakening the cells in your lungs and also impacts the internal organs so that the body functions better. 


You feel fully awake in yourself, ready to face your day.


Hey, I'm Harjit

I'm a spiritual teacher and healer, who helps other mums heal and process relationships with their children whether they currently have an active relationship or not.

I do this by using breathwork, kundalini yoga, and other modalities to help mothers like me take back their life, move forward and breathe easier again with my 3 Steps to Mending your Heart from a Broken Relationship with Child, letting go of the Grief after Losing a Son/Daughter,  ready to reconnect with their mindset practice, by shed mourning and anxiety. 

I can’t wait to share this valuable information with you!
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