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"I've let go of judgement"

Jasbir K:

Before working with Harjit, I found it really difficult to verbalise what it is I want and then how to pursue it. I was in a real cycle of self-sabotage and had a real lack of self-worth. Now, I finally can breathe easier after the grief of my divorce and of his passing. 

We worked on healing the mother wound and on detangling the things that affect my self-esteem.


Harjit is an incredible mentor who helped me put together a routine that has become totally normal now.


Whereas before I'd lost the power to do what I wanted to do with my life, I let go of the feeling of judgement and can finally move forward with what I want to pursue.             

Yoga Lilly in Hand

"She unblocked me so I can lead a fuller life"

Maia G - My Story with Harjit

Mala G.:

I really enjoyed the Inner Chakra program with Harjit. At first, I wasn't sure how it would work over the long distance, but it was really amazing. 
From the beginning, I was fascinated by all the things I felt during the sessions and I found it incredible. I'm finally able to live a fuller life without the invisible blocks holding me back. 

Thank you for these amazing six weeks together. 
I felt we worked through my grief that was most holding me back from living fully. 

"Experience deep healing from within"


Harjit is a beautiful soul with immense experience and knowledge that she intuitively demonstrates within her breath work and healing ... 

Her space is one of trust and security, her practice serene but powerful and open to any one of any level. 

I would highly recommend you take time to participate in one of Harjit sessions and feel the transformation within."

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