The Meditative Healing Art of Kundalini Yoga

The Art of Healing

In Sanskrit, Sat Nam Rasayan means “Deep relaxation in the Divine Name” or “Abandoning oneself to the essence of the True Identity.”

Sat Nam Rasayan is a traditional healing art that uses pure awareness to heal. The altered state of consciousness needed, which will bring about healing is known as the Scared Space “Shunya”.

“When you become calm and still, the universe starts moving for you.” -Guru Dev Singh

What is Sat Nam Rasayan?
Sat Nam Rasayan® is a healing that is based on consciousness that has the capacity to become transcendent, to modify ones inner entity and surrounding environments. We don’t use tools, we use the consciousness. Sat Nam Rasayan® is a simple system. It is based on the quality of the human consciousness that allows it to become transcendent. Transcendent means that, through your awareness  you can become more aware and you able to produce positive affect in an event, or in an object. What we do is, we make our own consciousness stable, we recognise there is a space which we call the Sacred Space. We relate with that specific space and then, through our awareness, moving our awareness, we will modify the relation and we will modify the event.

What Happen's in a Sat Nam Rasayan® session? 

In a typical Sat Nam Rasayan® session a client lies down in front of a practitioner who, while comfortably seated, lightly touches the client and comes to a specific meditative state known as “the protective meditative mind.”

“The awareness of the Sat Nam Rasayan® practitioner becomes transcendent and in the vastness of their consciousness, healing will happen. The state is a pure meditative absorption between the practitioner and the client, in the divine.” -Philip Deslippe

What can Sat Nam Rasayan® helps?

Clients see a Sat Nam Rasayan® practitioner for a wide array of issues ranging from physical pain and discomfort, to depression and anxiety. Those who have a SNR® treatment typically describe an experience of calm, relaxation, and balance.

You can book 45 minutes treatment in person or distance via Zoom.

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