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Tenth Body - Radiant Body

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

In the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, the human being has 10

bodies. not 1. Each body has its own attributes, and the 9th body is the Subtle Body.

The Radiant Body gives spiritual royalty and radiance.

Qualities: Royal courage, creativity, radiance, nobility

The King/The Queen

Key phrase: “All or Nothing"

Mastery: courageous and creative regardless of any obstacle or fear; radiates royal excellence and exceeds all expectations.

If weak: avoids conflict, is shy; feels ineffective and unable to energise overcome fear; energy levels fluctuate.

Key to Balancing the Radiant Body: an unwavering commitment to spiritual values; keep the hair unshorn, as it governs and energise the Radiant Body.

Each of the ten bodies relates specifically to the qualities of one of the ten Sikh gurus.

The Radiant Body relates to the 10th Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh.

Guru Gobind Singh and the Radiant Body

In the time of Guru Gobind Singh, the 10th Sikh Guru, he and his Sikhs faced the extreme challenges of tyranny and oppression. As a final resort, they needed to rely on the sword and the shield to stand for truth. Today, we can use our Radiant Body as a shield against all challenges, as our first line of defense to stand for our truth.

Our Radiant Body quietly communicates who we are before any word is spoken. When it is strong, we are filled with natural contentment and self-confidence that projects a calm presence, without the need for dominance over anyone or anything.

Guru Gobind Singh is the universal herald of courage and victory. As we invoke his presence we notice it most in the Radiant Body; allowing us to feel stronger, more energized, and more able to face anything. When we recite the mantras and poems of Guru Gobind Singh, his frequency of excellence and purity resonates throughout our being, steeling our persona and elevating our caliber.

Recite Jaap Sahib every day (for Sikhs)

Sing any Shabad about Guru Gobind Singh (for Sikh)

A question to ask the Radiant Body? Will I allow myself to be creative and courageous?


In a challenging position, this may manifest as a fearful person with low self-esteem. You may think that other people want you to always be courageous and radiant. You may have fluctuations and act at inappropriate times.

Wishy-washy in external relationships. like to downplay your own radiance. You may shy away from attention and are afraid of responsibility and use disempowering self-talk. You may also feel ineffective and feel unable to come through on projects or in your personal life.

Your desire is to be excellent and to obtain more of what you expected in the first place. In a strong position, you exude excellence in all your actions. You are very inspiring and uplifting. You can act despite fear.

All or nothing royal courage, nobility, radiance, a warrior spirit, graceful, also very magnetic presence that commands respect, you have determination, and stamina that gives 110%, brilliance, majestic royal courage, and also self-sustaining confidence. Some examples of Exercises that connect to the Radiant body

Recite Jaap Sahib by Guru Gobind Singh daily. Archer Pose for 11 minutes (each side) every day.

Spinal Flex.

Sat Kriya.

Cat and Cow.

Plough Pose/ Shoulder Stand.

Locust Pose.

Gemstones that strengthen the Radiant Body and give us our royal, courageous vibration that commits to our path are Lapis or Garnet to enhance commitment to one’s path and to maintain clarity.

Lapis is a regal stone that will keep anything inauthentic away. Garnet helps us follow our passions.

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