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What is Sat Nam Rasayan? How does this healing Work?

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

“When you become calm and still, the universe starts moving for you” Guru Dev Singh

Why I started to learn Sat Nam Rasayan?

After finishing my Kundalini yoga teacher training in 2011,

My routine at the weekend was to get up early and go to Sadhana at 5 am (morning practice with Sangat) at the local Kundalini yoga studio. It was here that one of the fellow yoga teachers that I had trained with mentioned that the following weekend at the Shepherd Bush Gurdwara (Temple) there were starting to teach Sat Nam Rasayan. I was curious to know more about this, as it was the first time I had heard about it.

So the following weekend I arrived at the Shepherd Bush Gurdwara in West London.

First I paid my respects to the Guru Granth Sahib (Sikh holy book) then went into the room that where the Sat Nam Rasayan workshop was been held. This was my first meeting with Jiwan Mukta Singh (Jerome) the teacher, teaching the workshop. His face reminded me of my colleague in the office. This kept playing on my mind all that morning.

So what is Sat Nam Rasayan?

Sat Nam Rasayan means: “Deep Relaxation into your true identity”.

Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga taught Guru Dev Singh from Mexico this ancient form of healing and Yogi Bhajan declared that “Guru Dev Singh is the Master of Sat Nam Rasayan”.

It is an ancient healing art of pure meditative absorption of the Divine. Entering a state of Sat Nam Rasayan means entering a state of total surrender, becoming nothing, and operating from a state of Shuniya (Stillness).

“Shuniya means zero. The moment you become zero, then all powers will prevail through you” Yogi Bhajan

The three rules that I learned that weekend were the following;

1. Everything I know is because I feel it.

2. I can only feel myself feeling.

3. Everything is included.

It enhances your awareness of your subtle body and expands the capacity of your meditative mind. Sat Nam Rasayan opens your compassionate awareness so you can be sensitive and present.

Sat Nam Rasayan works on a subtle level through the projective meditative mind. It allows the healer to access the five elements (earth, water, fire, air, and ether) and the pranic body.

The process involves holding a neutral contemplative state of awareness, being aware of everything – all sensations – and then allowing the resistances to change and/or release as you continue to hold that state of awareness. Resistances can be distractions, differentiation of sensations, preconceptions, conditions, boundaries, or limits.

We practiced meditations that weekend which allowed me to see at a deeper level my own resistance. That I was just not willing to look at, it bought up a lot of my sadness to the surface, which was just held within me.

We worked in pairs, taking it, in turn, to be patient and healer and vice versa.

As we practiced healing with each other after doing the meditations, I found that the pain of my loss and my emotional self were slowly resolving as I allowed myself to go deeper into this state of stillness.

This become a personal practice as now I was hooked on learning more about this ancient art of healing. That year I attended all 8 weekends held in London and did my own personal practice of the homework that was set by Jiwan Mutka Singh.

The next step was to spend 4 days practicing with Guru Dev Singh the Master of Satnam Rasayan in Dublin in 2013, I managed to do my level one with the master. This took me on an even deeper experience of attending a 6-day retreat with Guru Dev Singh in Perugia Italy in 2015. The last weekend that I spent in the presence of Guru Dev Singh in Madrid 2019. Since Covid, I have done a few online classes with Guru Dev Singh and Jiwan Mukta Singh to keep my own practice up and for my own inner healing.

Last year I managed to dive a little further into the inner chakra healing course using Sat Nam Rasayan with Mahan Kirn online. Six weeks of intensive learning and putting into practice and then writing up case studies on five clients over a six-week period, on how this healing works, with different clients and how profound the healing actually can be for the client.

Testimonial "I thoroughly enjoyed my 6 sessions with Harjit. It always surprises me how we can connect long distances. I was fascinated by out all the things I felt during the treatment. I find it incredible. Best night's sleep in months. Plus I'm in a much better place than I was before the healing sessions. Thank you." Mala x 2020.

"I had a wonderful Sat Nam Rasayan healing from Harjit. Which I found extremely relaxing, I could feel the sensations of heat in my face and upper body as she did the healing. There was a moment where I felt as if there was a pain in my heart, it was like my heart was sinking but then fall asleep for good 30 minutes, Harjit did explain I may feel a bit more tired and have had some symptoms, over next few days but I felt calmer inside. I found myself listening to my surroundings when walking rather than masking noises with music. I was longing for peace and quiet even more than ever now. I would recommend this healing to anyone who’s looking for peace and quiet and letting go of unnecessary stress and anxiety. " Jana x 2020.

" The healing session with Harjit felt safe and really relaxing for my mind and body and this is something really valuable because I am over-sensitive to energy.

After two days I had a huge release of pain related to my childhood. It was so strong and deep as ever that I had actually experienced. I felt buried emotions and feelings that I was not aware of that I was keeping deep inside.

I would suggest Sat Nam Rasayan to everyone needing deep healing and releasing of pain. Thank you." Tiziana 2020.

What Sat Nam Rasayan has taught me, is that Kundalini yoga helps us move the energy so that we can sit and meditate which in turn enables us to reach that state of Shaniya, our subconscious mind, the brain that is wild with all the thoughts, being able to learn how to create and then enter into a deep contemplative meditative state in which the healing occurs. This state is called the “Sacred Space” and it is in this space where the imbalances can be addressed. The essence of this state and why it is so effective lies in the fact that the healer, over the course of many years of practice, has allowed any “issues” or imbalances to simply be present.

What does Sat Nam Rasayan do for the illness and/or for the patient?

So when I allow whatever it is I work on to come to the surface, say an emotion or a liver that needs detoxing, I do not identify with this and I don’t “get sucked in the images or information that comes up, but instead, open and deepen the space that I work from and so the imbalances get a chance to “simply be” and so are allowed naturally to go into a state of harmony.

This often feels like multiple releases thought out the session, as if “layers are been peeled off little by little” and the healing induces a deep state of relaxation on many levels, including physical, emotional, and subtle.

Sat Nam Rasayan has become a part of my daily practice as a practitioner for the last eleven years and each time that I sit in this sacred space there is a sense of inner peace and inner calm, and stability within myself. This is what my clients feel when there have this healing with me, whether it's through a Kundalini yoga class or a healing session.

Visit our website and Book Sat Nam Rasayan healing with me or book a call to do a Six-week healing program with Harjit Khondhu.


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