Second Body - The Negative (Protective) Mind

In the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, the human being has 10 bodies not 1. Each body has its own attributes, and the 2nd body is the positive mind.

The second, third and fourth bodies are mental bodies, also know as the three functional minds.

Most human beings identify with their physical body and think of them self in physical terms.

In terms of Yogic Anatomy, each human is however a complex being made up of ten bodies: the physical body, the three mental bodies, and six energy bodies.

The Second body - Identifies possible dangers or shortcomings in a situation. Expresses protective caution about the future and sees the downside or pitfalls in every situation out of a genuine sense of caring.

Qualities: Conservative containment, discipline to avoid the precarious

Key phrase: “The Longing to Belong” – Your soul longs to unite with the Infinite.

Mastery: Gives form to the creativity of your Soul Body by developing the discernment to identify potential dangers and set protective boundaries. Through the resulting sense of safety, your soul’s longing is satisfied by connecting deeply to its own God Self.

If imbalanced, weak: Poor choices in relationships; easily fooled, can’t recognise potential danger. If too strong: immobilised by imagined dangers and negative attitude towards the future.

Key to Balancing: Exercise your discipline; develop conscious relationships of integrity, feel deserving enough to defend yourself. The key to balance the second body, if it is too strong it to develop the Positive Mind, by modelling the behaviours of those who are successful in their expression of enthusiasm, trust and hope.

The question for the Second Body is; Can I calculate the risk in a situation?

If the situation goes wrong, how can I protect myself?

What do I need to Consider?

Example: Crossing the road. Going from point A to B.

Not moving from A = overprotective = imbalance 2 body

Not looking = very positive = over projective = imbalance 3 body

Stopping, looking and listening = balance 2 and 3 body = meditative mind

Each of the ten bodies relate specifically to the qualities of one of the ten Sikh gurus.

Guru Angad

He was known for his obedience, discipline, and endurance.


In a challenge position, you may feel fearful and or overly protective. You may also jump into situations or relationships without considering the consequences. You may carry with you all the feelings around you without being responsible for them.

You may feel insecure or indecisive when making a decision. You may also feel unable to join with another person.

You have a great desire to have meaningful relationships but you need to consider the risk before jumping into them in order to be successful.

In a strength position, you are able to see the negative side of situations and you take calculated risks. You can join with others successfully and can merge into relationships happily. This is a feminine energy number and it can be very supportive. Diplomatic, peace maker, harmonious and obedient are associated with this body.

The 2nd body corresponds to the second Chakra. The element is water, and it’s properties are fluidity, flexibility, and connection. In intercourse, the water in the man will be the semen, also known as ojas, and in the woman it will be the lubricant. In a yogic lifestyle, you can enjoy a sexual life with your partner and at the same time but it’s also important to restrain from sexual activity with the goal of preserving that potent energy. This energy strengthens the immune system, makes the skin shine, and makes you physically very active.

This is not a negative thing. This energy is necessary to have. It protects you!

Every 2 wants to become 1. It’s the urge to merge, the desire to belong to something like a group, a relationship, a job, etc. The idea is to merge into something so you are different because of it.

You need to calculate the dangers of any situation, identify the appropriate boundaries, and decide what’s best for you and your new union.

The union discussed in Yoga is the union of your higher self and your lower self.



“I’m part of that, I belong to myself”

How to do it:

Ratio 4:4. Inhale through your nose in 4 parts, and exhale through your nose in 4 parts using the full capacity of your lungs. Straighten the legs out in front of you and bring your arms out in front, parallel to the floor, with the thumbs up and the rest of the fingers bent. Close the eyes 9/10 of the way and look at the thighs. Now lean back slightly. Hold this position and start mentally vibrating the mantra. So So So So during the inhalation, and Hum Hum Hum Hum during the exhalation. 3 minutes.

Here are some examples of exercises to connect you with the Positive Body.

Moving wide leg stretch. Sit with the legs separated before you. Inhale, then exhale while stretching down to the left. Inhale while raising to the center, then exhale and stretch down to the center. Inhale while raising to the center, then exhale while stretching down to the right. Keep the eyes closed. 2 minutes.

Triangle pose. Long deep breathing. 3 minutes.

Cobra pose. Long deep breathing. 3 minutes. To end: inhale, exhale and hold the breath out and apply root lock.

Baby pose. 1 minute.

Spinal flex holding the breath. Sit down in easy pose or on the heels. Inhale and hold the breath in as long as you can comfortably do so while flexing the spine. When you need to inhale again, straighten the spine in the center, stopping the motion and exhale. 3 minutes.


Meditation for negating false identity. This meditation requires an active thinking mind. Sit in easy pose and start thinking of how you identify yourself. For example, your gender, your name, your family role, your job, etc. Think about all the good and bad qualities you can. After each thought, deny it. For example, I am a teacher, and I’m not a teacher. The goal is to peel off the layers so at the end it’s only the unknown that is left. The You! 5 to 11 minutes.

Gemstones that strengthen the Second body, the negative mind, to help promote protective thoughts that identify danger.

Stones: Malachite to dispel negativity and old behaviours. Black onyx for protection, especially when overwhelmed. Both gemstones create confidence and leadership.

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