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The Soul Body

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

In the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, the human being has 10 bodies, not 1. Each body has its own attributes, and the 1st body is the Soul Body.

In the system of Kundalini yoga, the human being has 10 bodies, not just 1. Each body has its own attributes, the first body is called the Soul Body. This is your “inner self.” It is the voice that speaks to you and guides you on the path of your true purpose, that feels in harmony with all life. In the yogic tradition, the soul is an actual “thing.” While it is inter-dimensional, it has weight in this world, just less than an ounce. When a person passes away, the Soul Body is encased in the Subtle Body (which records all your deeds, words, actions), and they travel onward to the next level of your incarnation. Once the Soul Body has “left” the physical body, the weight is less. Hence, the 1st body is both completely spiritual and completely real.

It is the spark of the Infinite that resides in the core of your being.

Qualities: Humility, creativity. Realizing the eternal nature of your soul, so you naturally embody humility and creativity.

Key phrase: “Heart over Head” – Yogi Bhajan said that when the head rules, the head, and heart are both wrong; when the heart rules, the head, and heart are both right.

Mastery: Come from a place of great humility. Let every breath travel the thread of Light that connects you to the vast origin of the Creation. In this way, each thought and action will effortlessly flow with the natural creativity of the Divine.

If imbalanced or weak: You come from the head instead of the heart. When this body is not nurtured, the tendency is to rely on the intellect instead of intuition. This leads to confusion and frustration as the relaxed creative flow is blocked by a feeling of separation from the celestial source.

Key to Balancing: A spiritual practice that empowers you to raise your consciousness (the Kundalini energy) and to open your heart to the Divine.

Each of the ten bodies relates specifically to the qualities of one of the ten Sikh gurus.

Guru Nanak was the creative force of Sikh Dharma. He was known because his humility is a quality that appears when mastering the 1st body. You become humble when you bow your head so your heart is higher that your head. He used to say things like “I am the worm of the worms, the lowest of the low. I am heathen. I’ve done many ruthless things in life. I’m worse that any other person. It’s only out of your mercy that I have found your wonder.”

The intellect vs. the emotions – Heart. overly intellectual

The soul is the connection with your inner self. It also corresponds with Apana, the elimination energy. In Yoga, it said that a person should have a bowel movement after each meal. In other words, if you have three meals a day you should have three bowel movements per day.

Apana is also related to sexual energy. When the first body is working well, you feel very creative and sexual about life. If you are afraid of connecting to your inner self, and your soul, you may have a difficult time enjoying sex.

The 1st body also corresponds to the first Chakra. The characteristics of the 1st Chakra include security, survival, and a sense of being grounded.

It’s also where the Kundalini energy resides, the nuclear energy of the human being.

Soul Body never dies. When our physical body dies, the subtle body encapsulates the soul body and then you move on. From the yogi’s point of view, the soul body has an exact weight of an ounce. How can something that travels through time and space have weight? It is like energy, it can’t be destroyed.

The soul and body have a purpose in your existence. In other words, your actions have an impact on the future as well as the present. So it is good to ask ourselves how our actions will impact ourselves and others in the future, whether it be in 5 years, 10 years, 500 lifetimes, 1000 lifetimes, etc.

Yogi Bhajan said that it takes 8.4 million lifetimes until you get the chance to become a human being. This was first written in the Sikh scriptures (Guru Granth Sahib).

It’s the inner connection with your inner self, the balance between the heart and the head. The heart is the heart's compassion, love, affection, gratitude, forgiveness, and so on, and the head is the intellect, the ego. We need them both to be in harmony. In our society, more attention is paid to the intellect and the ego than the heart’s intuition and gratitude.

There is a connection between the inner body and the physical body. When you begin to notice something going on in the physical body, start checking your inner body, your soul. The body is always warning you with signals. The aptitude toward self-denial is very typical in the West. If the cholesterol is high, forget about it and never check it again. Failure to take care of the self is a sign that the first body is not working as well as you think.

The soul needs attention. It travels with you beyond this life and sometimes we don’t hear it.

When the soul is balanced, you feel intuitive, creative, compassionate, and so on. For example, you won’t put yourself out of balance by putting yourself in another’s place.

A question to ask the Soul Body: Is my life a creative flow from my soul's purpose?

Do I come from the heart?


When number 1 is in a challenging position, one needs to learn to balance the male energy within oneself and integrate with other people. When this is in balance, we can be creative on demand, bring ideas into reality, feel grounded and have a strong foundation in ourselves.


The Mul Mantra, which literally translates to the Root Mantra, can change your fate, kill your karma, and align you faster with your soul’s purpose. You can sing, recite, or listen to it to create a vibrational shift in your energy field. The Tantric Har (Har meaning God), can also help you connect with your Soul Body. Connecting with any song or mantra that feels like it touches your Soul will strengthen the Soul Body. A good sign (if not a scientific barometer) of a mantra touching your soul, as tears pour out of your eyes.

Here are some exercises to connect with the soul body.

Stretch pose. 2 minutes.

Spinal flex. A relatively easy pose. 2 minutes.


Pulse Meditation.- Sit in a comfortable sitting position. Breathe long and deep through your nose. Close your eyes and focus them on the third eye. Find your pulse on your wrist or on your neck. Vibrate mentally the mantra Sat Nam with every beat of your heart. Do this for 11 minutes minimum. You can also increase it to 31 or, even better, 62 minutes.

This meditation is very simple but very effective. It really makes you go deep within yourself. It allows you to develop a relationship with your inner self. Very powerful!

Gemstones that strengthen The Soul Body to live from the heart and to vibrate the infinite inside of us.

Stones: Rose quartz to open the heart and heal the past. Rosewood removes obstacles on our path that keep us from living the life we want.

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