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Third Body - The Positive Mind

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

In the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, the human being has 10 bodies, not 1. Each body has its own attributes, and the 3rd body is the positive mind.

Third Body: Positive (Expansive) Mind

  • You elevate others through your enthusiastic, trusting, and hopeful energetic projection.

  • Qualities: Equality, positivity

  • Key phrase: “Devil or Divine” – You have a tendency to flip from one to the other...

  • Mastery: effortlessly charismatic yet humble; you’re naturally playful, optimistic, and full of humor; these qualities easily inspire others to be positive about the future.

If imbalanced, If weak, you may be overwhelmed by negative thoughts, which can lead to depression, hopelessness, anger, or intolerance. Fear of expressing your power because of the responsibility that comes with it may also occur. If too strong, you may make foolish choices and possibly lead others to also make foolish choices, as your influential positive projection, obscures the perception of possible dangers.

Key to Balancing: If too weak, strengthen your Navel Point (Third Chakra); be more assertive, use positive affirmations, and model the hopeful behaviors of those people with a strong positive projection. If too strong - strengthen your Negative Mind by modeling the behaviors of people who are successful in protecting themselves, making well-educated decisions concerning the future, and sensing potential challenges.

The question to ask the third body?

Do I allow myself to experience the good things in life?

Do I allow myself to be hopeful?

Each of the ten bodies relates specifically to the qualities of one of the ten Sikh gurus.

The third guru. He was known for his devotion and divine love. He also promoted equal rights and dignity.


In a challenging position, this is a person who has unrealistic expectations, a person who makes promises to please others and has a hard time saying NO. You really want to see the positive side of a situation, but you can become insecure or worried in a second. You may also be self-destructive at times, whether obvious or hidden.

You have feelings of anger or feeling overwhelmed by input from the negative mind, depression, negative self-talk, a distrust in one's own power, a weak navel point (nabhi), feeling passive, lethargic, intolerant, hesitant to use one's power/heat, afraid of abusing one's own power, feeling passive-aggressive, having a self-defeatist attitude, putting oneself down, feeling despair, domineering and/or controlling, authoritarian, abusive, and unable to confront, and strong poor digestion.

In a strong position, this is a positive person with a good sense of humor. Humour makes you see the light in the mundane. You project light and are very uplifting to others. Determined! The chef = food, optimistic, joyful.

You are Devil or divine, demonstrate positivity, and equality, thy will is my will, blissful and have good digestion, you see positive essence in all situations, you have a strong will, use your power easily and humbly, playful, cheerful, good sense of humor, ability to overlook other’s shortcomings, optimistic, ability to see the light and goodness in life, strong and direct communication, comfortable using one's own power, dedicate your life to being a bright light, powerful, sharing hope with all, see the light in all and serve consciousness of all, assertiveness, confidence, wilful, have stamina, and strong self-esteem.

The 3rd body addresses the infinite possibilities of any situation. Too much or too little is risky and that’s why it must be balanced. Some people work this number when they have to deal with a serious illness, often through support groups, getting rid of the negativity. If unbalanced, you can be overly optimistic and jump into situations without measuring the risk. You can work on this body through Yoga and meditation.

One that eliminates negativity, such as the protection mantra. Listen to it.

Read the Anand Sahib daily Sikh prayer

Here are examples of Exercises to connect to the Positive Mind.

Plane. Sit in an easy pose. Place your left arm by your side, 60 degrees up with the palm facing up. Then straighten your right arm out to the side, 30 degrees up. Close your eyes. Long deep breathing. Concentrate on the heart center. 3 minutes. Switch arms and repeat for 3 minutes.

Resting the hands in Gyan mudra, continue with long deep breathing for 1 minute.

Throat. Sit in an easy pose. Extend the arms out at the sides, parallel to the floor with the palms facing up. Long deep breathing. Concentrate on the throat. 3 minutes.

Leg push. Lie on the floor with the arms by the sides. Inhale and raise the left leg up, toes pointed, 12 inches off the floor. Exhale and switch to the right leg, as if trying to push a wall. 2 minutes.

Cat and Cow. 3 minutes.

Baby pose. 1 minute.

Sit down in a celibate pose. Sit on the floor between your heels, or on the knees, or in an easy pose, and lie down. Place the arms over the head and grasp the opposite elbows. Breathe long and deep for 2 minutes.

Rock and Roll. Lie on the floor. Bring both knees towards the chest and hug the legs. Start rolling back and forth. 1 minute.


Relaxing: Sit in an easy pose or on your heels. Place the hands on the lap. Start breathing long and deep through the nose. Close the eyes and look at the third eye. 3 minutes

Positive Mind: Protective thoughts that identify an opportunity.

Stones to bring opportunity in love, work, and spiritual growth. Carnelian for courage, creativity, and stability and to bring opportunity in love, work, and spiritual growth.

Gemstones that strengthen the Positive Mind, dispel old behaviors and negativity, and help protective thoughts are Malachite and Black Onyx for protection, especially when overwhelmed. Both gemstones create confidence and leadership.

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